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Ethics of Data Analytics, Spring 2023

Student Evaluations: 4.9/5.0

In this course, we explore the ethical implications of data analytics. We marry old ideas – privacy, surveillance, power, justice, accountability, corporate responsibility, stakeholder theory – with new technologies and cases, such as the use of machine learning to predict crime. The goal is to tie discussions around data analytics with ethical concepts that transcend our current issues. Technology changes, but issues of power, privacy, justice, surveillance, and marginalization withstand the test of time.

Auditing AI: An Introduction, Fall 2023

Student Evaluations: NA

This course aims to provide an interdisciplinary and hands-on introduction to AI auditing, allowing students to gain insights into the opportunities and challenges associated with the design and deployment of AI systems that minimize societal risk and increase their effectiveness.

Cam Kormylo

L019 Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame, IN 46556


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